Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Quick Guide to the smARTshow

If you've never been before, it breaks down like this:

Friday night: Opening night party. Crowded with lots of characters. Artists are happy and excited. If you're into sensory overload, this is the night to go.

Saturday afternoon: Pretty calm if only because most of the artists stayed up too late and are still waking up. Good time to browse and ask any questions you might have.

Saturday night: Tamer version of Friday night. Bands, crowds and more fun.

Sunday: Pretty calm. Some post-brunch browsers and another great time to catch the artists for questions or discussion. Some artists pack it in early, so be sure to make the rounds sooner rather than later.

Bonus: it's a suggested donation. No need to get huffy about it.

Remember, the smARTshow is more than just the Flat Iron. Check the schedule for an entire neighborhood's worth of art and fun.

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